Tasmania is one of the most amazing places in Australia to visit on a holiday. It has lots of sightseeing places and attractions that offer a wide range of activities.

There are many reasons why you have to visit Tasmania. From historical towns, wilderness adventure, to amazing restaurants, a few days will not be enough to see the most of this destination. You will surely find yourself wanting to extend your stay in order to see a few more exciting places.

If you are looking for suggestions on the best sightseeing locations in Tasmania, here is a few.

Port Arthur
Port Arthur is considered Australia’s most intact convict site. With more than 30 buildings, ruins, and period homes with impressive architecture and beautiful gardens, Port Arthur is one of the must-see locations when you are in Tasmania.

Be brought back to the days to have a peek at the lives of convicts within this historic prison site. Since its establishment in 1830’s Port Arthur became home to 12,500 convicts until its closure in 1877. It has become one of the most important historical sites, although it was known that life of prisoners, and the hard labor imposed upon them within the site was considered “hell on earth”.

Not only the old buildings and the ruins that make Port Arthur one of the most visited sites in Tasmania. It also has museums within the old city, nice beaches in the area, beautiful parks and walks, and you can take a cruise to the Isle of the Dead.

Flinders Island
Flinders Island is located on the north of Tasmania where bird-life and wildlife are abundant. It is a real natural treasure and a tourist shouldn’t miss visiting this place.

While in Flinders Island, you can do a lot of things other than take in the beauty of nature. There are several shipwrecks in the area which became a popular scuba diving spot for diving enthusiasts. You can do fishing, biking, bush walking while immersing yourself in nature. In the Flinders Trail, you can gallop off the back of horses that will bring you from one end of the island to the other.

Freycinet is another worth seeing nature scene. It is a combination of wilderness, water, and several walking tracks that give tourists worth their visit.

The Freycinet Peninsula is a large patch of land edged by granite mountains. While in here, tourists do a lot of activities such as swimming and kayaking, or view the breathtaking Wineglass Bay from the famous lookout site. This is one of the most visited locations by locals and have also gained popularity among foreign tourists. This is an absolutely great place for adventure lovers or for those who want to relax within nature’s embrace.

Salamanca Place is where you will find some of Tasmanias most amazing kitchens and restaurants, shops, nightlife, galleries, pubs, and the famous Salamanca Markets during Saturdays.

This is the best place to go if you want to have a genuine taste of Tasman culture, arts, and food. Colonial warehouses in the area are transformed into arts and crafts centers, wonderful coffee shops and eateries, where the best of Tasmanian artistry and craftsmanship are displayed. Coming here and indulging yourself in the rich culture and entertainment doesn’t only contribute to the Tasmanian economy but also get yourself a perspective of what Tasmania really is.

Cradle Mountain
Walking around the Dove Lake is one of the popular activities done by both local and foreign tourists to get a full view of the majestic Cradle Mountain. The scenery is extremely enlivening that you will get to see the natural beauty and uniqueness of Tasmania. The bush walking tracks, and the iconic mountainous peaks of the marvelous Cradle Mountain offer wonderful scenes that doesn’t only satisfy the eyes but also the souls of the ones viewing.

Here you will also discover bits and pieces of the earliest European settlement history. You will experience the wonders of nature and of the significance to the culture and history of Tasmania from the barely touched wilderness of this World Heritage listed site.

Strahan is a small and wonderful coastal/fishing village located on the West Coast of Tasmania. Back then, Starhan was also a mining town completely detached from other parts of Tasmania. The wilderness in this part of the state is really amazing, featuring the idyllic Gordon and Franklin Rivers.

Traveling down the famous Gordon River from Strahan via cruise of jet boat rides is one of the most popular activities done by tourists visiting Strahan. The cruise will take you to witness the magnificent rainforest reflecting the water. Some of the remarkable scenery found in Strahan are the awe-inspiring bird-life, sand dunes, and the amazing Hogarth Falls. Other fantastic landscapes and picnic places can be found in the village for tourists to relax and reflect upon the wonders of nature.

As the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart is among the most beautiful and famous destinations. Hobart has a bit of everything for everyone. Like a one stop destination, Hobart has nature, culture, rich history, shopping centers, gourmet restaurants, wildlife, and a lot of activities to do.

Some of the highlights of Hobart are the must-visit Antarctic Adventure Center, Botanical Gardens, Bonorong Park Wildlife Center, and learn about one of Tasmania’s exciting history at the Old Hobart Gaol.

West Coast Wilderness Railway
One of the exciting tours you can have is the tour on the West Coast Wilderness Railway of Tasmania. Experience the exciting journey and travel through one of the world’s last unspoiled wilderness, cross bridges, visit the old gold mining settlement and experience the laborious life of the miners.

This is an exciting railway journey that will take you up between Queenstown and Strahan. You can also have the chance to explore the old mine by candle light and try find gold by panning in the river.

Cadbury Chocolate Factory
Who wants to miss this sweet opportunity? This is a really sweet experience for all the chocolate lovers out there.

Visiting the Cadbury Chocolate Factory will give you a chance to learn the history of the famous Cadbury in Hobart, Australia and learn how it became very famous in the first place. Here you will find out how chocolates are made and the best part about this visit is the free samples and tastes! Other than that you can purchase as much Cadbury chocolate as you want at a discounted price. Isn’t that sweet?
These are only a few of the many amazing things to see and do in Tasmania and the journey to this awesome state doesn’t simply end here. So grab your bags, get ready for a holiday to say hello to Tasmania.