Australia Attractions

The names that come across one’s mind while speaking about Australia tourist attractions are Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef and many more. Visiting the different cities of Australia is a great experience in itself. Vacation at one of the top ten Australia tourist attractions literally means experiencing great shopping, great food and exciting entertainment. Nevertheless the scenic natural surroundings that these Australia attractions offer are mind blowing. Ten most desired tourist attractions include Fraser Island, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Great Barrier Reef, Scenic World, Jamison Valley, Kakadu National Park, Sydney Opera House, Port Arthur, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Amp Tower Centrepoint, National Gallery of Australia etc.

Fraser Island:

Fraser Island has become the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. The tourists would be enthralled to see the lush rain forests, fresh water lakes, eye catching sand cliffs and many more at the Fraser Island. Dingo population is one of the factors that draws the tourists towards it. Moreover the vast stretch of white sandy beaches add to the beauty of the place and increase its credibility as a major tourist attraction in Australia.

Sydney Harbor Bridge:

Sydney Harbor Bridge has been one of the major tourist attraction in Australia through ages. It is a very rare phenomenon that a tourist visiting Australia has not visited the famous bridge. At the foot of the bridge one can see “The Rocks” placed which are considered as the birthplace of Sydney. A brave tourist can also take a walk up to the top of the bridge with an escort.

Great Barrier Reef:

One of the most visited tourist spots in Australia is the Great Barrier Reef which is also considered as the most well protected marine site in the whole world. The Reef stretches along 86 million acres along the North East Australian Coast. A tourist can enjoy the superb natural beauty offered by this marine site. The place bears a mark of historical significance because of the 30 shipwrecks that have been found here.

Jamison Valley:

Famous for the steepest cable car journey of the entire Southern Hemisphere, through a picturesque locale, the Jamison Valley attracts a number of tourists from across the world. One can enjoy a memorable ride in a glass floored cable car through the picturesque valley and enjoy the beauty of the Katoomba Falls, Three Sisters Rock formation etc.

Kakadu National Park:

Kakadu National Park is also a World Heritage site and a most visited tourist attraction in Australia. Covering about five million acres in the Australia’s Northern Territory, this site is the home of about 300 Aboriginals. One can find the Aboriginals residing among the Savannah Woodlands and Tidal Wetlands.

Sydney Opera House:

Constructed by the famous Danish architect John Utzon in the twentieth century, this Opera House is a world famous tourist attraction drawing a number of tourists from across the world. A tourist can take a tour of the backstage and the front of the house.

Port Arthur:

This a prison that happens to be a tourist attraction where visitors can take a guided tour. The doors of the prison are passable through both ways and this unique feature adds to the attraction of this prison. This prison house is one of the extremely notorious penal colonies in Australia housing as young as nine year old prisoners.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park:

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is a famous tourist attraction in Australia noted for being the largest rock monolith in the world. According to the Aboriginal people this rock was created at the time of the creation of the Universe. Uluru was previously known as the Ayres Rock.

Amp Tower Centrepoint:

Amp Tower Centrepoint is situated at the height of 1000 feet and is the tallest building in the city which gives awesome views from the observation deck and from the revolving restaurant situated at the top of the building.

National Gallery of Australia:

National Gallery of Australia is the house of some of Australia’s finest art collections which are more than 10000. Here one can see glimpses of the international works and exhibitions of photography.

Visit these ten most desired tourist attractions while touring Australia and enjoy the uniqueness and individuality that each of these tourist spots offer.

Royal Caribbean International – Australia and New Zealand

The “Land Down Under” is simply the best place to go when looking for a trip to the exotic South Pacific. From kangaroos and koalas to some of the friendliest people on Earth, Australia and New Zealand offer visitors a vast array of places to see and unforgettable moments. Royal Caribbean sails to these south Pacific destinations offering their famous “Cruisetours” which combine the luxury of a Royal Caribbean cruise with a land tour chock full of activities and sight-seeing.

Expect the unexpected when sailing to Australia and New Zealand, from deserts to jungles and majestic snow-capped mountains. It’s no wonder millions visit these unforgettable landscapes made even more famous in the “Lord of the Rings” movies. Royal Caribbean offers cruises from 12 to 14 nights long that circumnavigate the only continent that is only one country: Australia. The company also offers cruises that make port in different Australian and New Zealand locations.

Royal Caribbean’s fleet to Australia and New Zealand are the Vision-class ships, particularly the beautiful “Rhapsody of the Seas”. These luxury cruise ships will make the passenger enjoy every single minute of their vacation. For those looking to relax before their onshore activities, these Royal Caribbean ships include spas, swimming pools as well as an adult-only Solarium and eight different bars and lounges. The fleet also offers worldwide cuisine in their beautifully designed two-story themed dining rooms. For those who seek a thrill, the Vision-class ships offer onboard casinos to play Poker, Slots, Black Jack and more. Passengers going on a cruisetour can choose to have the land portion of their vacation before or after the cruise itself. Ports of Departure for Cruises to Australia and New Zealand include: Honolulu, Hawaii, and Perth or Sydney, Australia. From there, the cruise will sail the deep blue waters of the Pacific and make port of call at such interesting cities as Melbourne, Christchurch, Tasmania and many more.

For those who choose to have their land tour before the cruise, the breathtaking city of Sydney, Australia’s capital awaits. Onshore activities in Sydney range from visiting museums to outdoor adventure in the Outback. Of course, no one can go to Sydney and not visit the world-famous Sydney Opera House. With its unique architectural structure and fabulous view of Sydney Harbor, it’s a must on every land tour of the capital. Passengers can simply enter the Opera House to admire its structure or stay to watch a show. Another thing that can’t be overlooked are the over 30 fabulous beaches ready to receive visitors who wish to bathe in the Pacific or try their luck at surfing.

Onshore activities in other cities include cuddling koalas and petting kangaroos at Australia’s oldest zoo in Melbourne. For the more adventurous, passengers can go “canyoning” in the Waitakere Ranges. Canyoning is a combination of walking, swimming, climbing and sliding. This involves a fifty minute drive from Auckland, Australia into the Ranges, where visitors will later travel a distance of about 2 miles downhill, uphill and across shallow rivers to feast their eyes upon some of the world’s most marvelous scenery. Other less physically strenuous activities in Auckland include a wine tour to lovely vineyards, or a city tour of the harbor and surrounding sights.

Other onshore activities can be found in Christchurch, where passengers can relax and take a stroll through the well-kept parks of the famous “Garden City”. For those seeking entertainment, modern-day New Zeland’s center for the performing arts is the city of Wellington. With its countless theatres and art galleries, Wellington is the New York of the south Pacific, even rivaling the “Big Apple” for gourmet dining choices.

Royal Caribbean cruises are a wonderful vacations for families, individuals, couples, and bascially anyone that just wants to have a great time. Book your Royal Caribbean cruises from southampton today!


Tasmania is one of the most amazing places in Australia to visit on a holiday. It has lots of sightseeing places and attractions that offer a wide range of activities.

There are many reasons why you have to visit Tasmania. From historical towns, wilderness adventure, to amazing restaurants, a few days will not be enough to see the most of this destination. You will surely find yourself wanting to extend your stay in order to see a few more exciting places.

If you are looking for suggestions on the best sightseeing locations in Tasmania, here is a few.

Port Arthur
Port Arthur is considered Australia’s most intact convict site. With more than 30 buildings, ruins, and period homes with impressive architecture and beautiful gardens, Port Arthur is one of the must-see locations when you are in Tasmania.

Be brought back to the days to have a peek at the lives of convicts within this historic prison site. Since its establishment in 1830’s Port Arthur became home to 12,500 convicts until its closure in 1877. It has become one of the most important historical sites, although it was known that life of prisoners, and the hard labor imposed upon them within the site was considered “hell on earth”.

Not only the old buildings and the ruins that make Port Arthur one of the most visited sites in Tasmania. It also has museums within the old city, nice beaches in the area, beautiful parks and walks, and you can take a cruise to the Isle of the Dead.

Flinders Island
Flinders Island is located on the north of Tasmania where bird-life and wildlife are abundant. It is a real natural treasure and a tourist shouldn’t miss visiting this place.

While in Flinders Island, you can do a lot of things other than take in the beauty of nature. There are several shipwrecks in the area which became a popular scuba diving spot for diving enthusiasts. You can do fishing, biking, bush walking while immersing yourself in nature. In the Flinders Trail, you can gallop off the back of horses that will bring you from one end of the island to the other.

Freycinet is another worth seeing nature scene. It is a combination of wilderness, water, and several walking tracks that give tourists worth their visit.

The Freycinet Peninsula is a large patch of land edged by granite mountains. While in here, tourists do a lot of activities such as swimming and kayaking, or view the breathtaking Wineglass Bay from the famous lookout site. This is one of the most visited locations by locals and have also gained popularity among foreign tourists. This is an absolutely great place for adventure lovers or for those who want to relax within nature’s embrace.

Salamanca Place is where you will find some of Tasmanias most amazing kitchens and restaurants, shops, nightlife, galleries, pubs, and the famous Salamanca Markets during Saturdays.

This is the best place to go if you want to have a genuine taste of Tasman culture, arts, and food. Colonial warehouses in the area are transformed into arts and crafts centers, wonderful coffee shops and eateries, where the best of Tasmanian artistry and craftsmanship are displayed. Coming here and indulging yourself in the rich culture and entertainment doesn’t only contribute to the Tasmanian economy but also get yourself a perspective of what Tasmania really is.

Cradle Mountain
Walking around the Dove Lake is one of the popular activities done by both local and foreign tourists to get a full view of the majestic Cradle Mountain. The scenery is extremely enlivening that you will get to see the natural beauty and uniqueness of Tasmania. The bush walking tracks, and the iconic mountainous peaks of the marvelous Cradle Mountain offer wonderful scenes that doesn’t only satisfy the eyes but also the souls of the ones viewing.

Here you will also discover bits and pieces of the earliest European settlement history. You will experience the wonders of nature and of the significance to the culture and history of Tasmania from the barely touched wilderness of this World Heritage listed site.

Strahan is a small and wonderful coastal/fishing village located on the West Coast of Tasmania. Back then, Starhan was also a mining town completely detached from other parts of Tasmania. The wilderness in this part of the state is really amazing, featuring the idyllic Gordon and Franklin Rivers.

Traveling down the famous Gordon River from Strahan via cruise of jet boat rides is one of the most popular activities done by tourists visiting Strahan. The cruise will take you to witness the magnificent rainforest reflecting the water. Some of the remarkable scenery found in Strahan are the awe-inspiring bird-life, sand dunes, and the amazing Hogarth Falls. Other fantastic landscapes and picnic places can be found in the village for tourists to relax and reflect upon the wonders of nature.

As the capital city of Tasmania, Hobart is among the most beautiful and famous destinations. Hobart has a bit of everything for everyone. Like a one stop destination, Hobart has nature, culture, rich history, shopping centers, gourmet restaurants, wildlife, and a lot of activities to do.

Some of the highlights of Hobart are the must-visit Antarctic Adventure Center, Botanical Gardens, Bonorong Park Wildlife Center, and learn about one of Tasmania’s exciting history at the Old Hobart Gaol.

West Coast Wilderness Railway
One of the exciting tours you can have is the tour on the West Coast Wilderness Railway of Tasmania. Experience the exciting journey and travel through one of the world’s last unspoiled wilderness, cross bridges, visit the old gold mining settlement and experience the laborious life of the miners.

This is an exciting railway journey that will take you up between Queenstown and Strahan. You can also have the chance to explore the old mine by candle light and try find gold by panning in the river.

Cadbury Chocolate Factory
Who wants to miss this sweet opportunity? This is a really sweet experience for all the chocolate lovers out there.

Visiting the Cadbury Chocolate Factory will give you a chance to learn the history of the famous Cadbury in Hobart, Australia and learn how it became very famous in the first place. Here you will find out how chocolates are made and the best part about this visit is the free samples and tastes! Other than that you can purchase as much Cadbury chocolate as you want at a discounted price. Isn’t that sweet?
These are only a few of the many amazing things to see and do in Tasmania and the journey to this awesome state doesn’t simply end here. So grab your bags, get ready for a holiday to say hello to Tasmania.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Facts are as astounding as the actual reef itself. There’s so much wonder and amusing information about it that so many people have become so passionate about this great Australian natural wonder. It’s vast marine life, its sun-kissed beaches, it’s warm turquoise waters and all the unforgettable memories, experiences, and wonders waiting for those who visit.

Perhaps out of all of Australia’s natural gifts, the Barrier Reef is the most remarkable of them all. It’s the world’s largest coral reef. This reef contains an abundance of marine life and comprises of over 3000 individual coral cays and reef systems and literally hundreds and hundreds of picturesque tropical islands with some of the world’s most beautiful sun-soaked, golden beaches.

Not surprisingly, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. And so, pulling back and taking a look at it, from a distance, one would easily understand why. It is considered to be larger than the Great Wall of China; and was claimed to be the only living thing on earth that’s visible from space. This magnificent reef actually stretches over 2,600 kilometers.

Tourism earned from the Reef earn over AU$ 4-5 billion per year; making it a very lucrative source of external income. It has thirty species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises have been recorded in the reef as well. It was also studied that six species of sea turtles come to the reef to breed.

And about bird life, there are 215 species of birds. This includes 22 species of seabirds, and 32 species of shorebirds that visit the reef or nest or roost on the islands. Aside from that, there are 17 species of sea snakes that live and flourish in the Great Barrier Reef. There are over 1,500 species of fish that live on the reef. There are also at least 330 species of ascidians on the reef system.

Great Barrier Reef towns include Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Mckay, Bundaberg, and Maryborough have a sense of individuality that made them independent centers which do not rely on Brisbane. This is all located in Queensland, which is unique amongst the Australian states because it has a huge number of genuine coastal capitals.

Back in 2006, there were approximately 820 operators and 1500 vessels and aircraft permitted to operate in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park providing the ease of access for everyone to experience the Great Barrier Reef and learn about its Natural wonders and breathtaking World Heritage values.

Another interesting Great Barrier Reef fact is that it’s a breeding area for humpback whales, migrating from the Antarctic and is also the habitat of a few endangered species including the Dugong or the Sea Cow and the large Green Sea Turtle. In recognition to its significance, the Great Barrier Reef was declared as a World Heritage Site in the year 1981.

A closer encounter with the Great Barrier Reef’s impressive coral gardens reveal a lot of astounding marine life attractions which include the world’s largest collection of corals (easily over 400 corals as a matter of fact). It also includes mollusks, stingrays, sponges, dolphins, over 1500 species of fish, over 200 types of birds, around 20 types of reptiles including sea turtles and giant clams over 120 years old.